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Are you ready for change and ready to do the work in order to shift the way you think, believe, and perceive the world?

If so, then let’s work together.
(All plans will be individualized to fit your path. Below will give you an idea of what I offer.)


This offering is for people who feel confused or frustrated around nutrition and health and who want to change their physical body and how it operates, both internally and externally.

A body that is out of balance and unhealthy will cause issues in various parts of life. 

Part of ascension is committing to your path from illness to wellness. We will use a blend of different approaches to health, and find the intersection where they all meet. 

Together, we will:

  • Determine what nutrition support is right for you

  • Decide which supplements and aids can help support your path to wellness

  • Commit to consistent care for your physical and mental well being

You’ll walk away with:

An updated understanding on nutrition and what your body needs and methods for reaching your optimal physical state. 


Souls get weighed down by the human experience and belief out dated systems, therefore struggling to continue ascending.  Our mission together is to release the weights and chains that hold you back, so the ascension process can continue, uninhibited. 

There is an unlimited amount of possibilities that can come together to create the experience of life, I offer guidance to release the stored limiting beliefs that are keeping you living in the box you may be trapped in. This releasing of limiting beliefs and patterns, mixed with the belief of endless possibility, creates space for wondrous new experiences. 

Together, we will:

  • Discuss and integrate messages that have been channeled, prior to and within the session. 

  • Challenge and release Ideas and beliefs that have been passed down to you through generations. 

  • Practice time tested methods for creating a desired life, or a life with less burdens. 

You’ll walk away with:

A sense of physical and emotional lightness.  A greater capacity of love for self and others.  A fresh perspective on, and a readiness for, what the Universe has to provide.

This offering is for anyone ready to take control of how they perceive the world around them, and therefore take control over how they move through life.


These in-person sessions involve the use of psychic tools and physical instruments to break up and move stagnancies that are being held onto within the mind and body, to create space for new energies. 

Together, we will:

  • Let go of what you are clinging onto and carrying.

  • Release emotions, mental stories, or physical pains.

  • Receive healing sound energy using eight crystal bowls attuned to your chakra frequencies.

You'll walk away with:

More balance between the mind and body connection, a feeling of more energy and physically lighter, and cleared space within your emotional and physical body.

This offering is for those struggling to process, let go of, or transmute, emotions or experiences that they continue to carry.

Additional Offerings

Breath Work Journey

Via phone, Skype, or Zoom

Intimacy Coaching

Spiritual Counseling

Intuitive Reading

Divination Reading

Custom Sigils

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