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Less Blockages,

More Breakthroughs

I walk people through their own awakening and by using a blended range of modalities to assist in the shedding of blockages, lifetime limitations, and stagnant energies.

I teach this first through example by living these understandings, and allowing others to see the results.  I also work one on one, and with groups, teaching my tools and methods to others so they can apply them to their own life journey. 

I do not see life on a linear plain, so I feel there have been many pivotal moments that have greatly impacted my perception and experience of reality. 

I see a desired life as being an upward spiral, yet when we are caught in cycles, we find ourselves spinning around in place, not ascending. 

It takes pivotal moments to transmute those cyclical experiences and to continue upward.  


Each traumatic experience or emotion that we hold, as well as those repetitive behaviors and experiences, can all be unraveled, or “solved”.  This leaves one free of that problem and offers this energy to new beliefs and experiences to come into ones world.


I really love to see the veils drop for people, and to have them see all their possibilities through the eyes of wonder and awe, and then to watch their life shift and change in the ways they are working towards.

It is truly incredible to watch person after person unlock their magic and learn to be the creator of their life.

If this sounds like something you'd like to take a step toward, reach out to me and we can begin discussing the right approach for your unique spiritual healing journey. 


When you release the painful thoughts, feelings, emotions and belief systems that no longer serve you, you will end your own suffering and inner turmoil and begin on your soul’s path to your purpose on this planet.

“Freedom is the feeling right at the end of a long exhale”


Changing your life begins with you. Everything you want to discover in life is inside. As you tap into your own source of love, you’ll develop a love for life and all it’s creations. Through exploring what it means to find balance from a WHOLE-istic approach, you’ll begin to change your life.

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